7 days and counting down

As a writer and a reader it’s easy to spend too much time sitting. To counter this I keep active – walking, cycling, kayaking and learning to play golf.

Beauty often distracts me, and in trying to capture moments I find myself still again.

However, now is not the time for distraction. It’s time to focus and to submit your writing. There are only seven days to go before the Minds Shine Bright writing competition closes.

So polish up your paragraphs, verses and scenes, and get your entries in. Then your work will be done and the judging can begin.

You can submit your entry here.

So many moments are being created and captured in time, like this butterfly.

On a final note, we are thrilled that the Minds Shine Bright writing competition has been nominated by Reedsy as one of their best writing competitions for 2022.

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