Taking shape

Something is brewing . . . not my morning coffee, delectable as its aroma may be . . . something big.

The judging is progressing and a long list will be finalized soon. We will write to each of you in May to let you know whether your entry has made it to the next stage.

We have some early ideas on how the anthology might take shape. It could be a bit like travelling along an unknown street and having a bird’s-eye view into the lives of the people we see out and about, and those behind closed doors too.

If you are enjoying this journey with us and are keen to write more we will be announcing the theme of our winter competition very soon.

4 thoughts on “Taking shape

  1. How exciting. I can’t wait to find out what the next theme will be.

  2. Can’t wait to cuddle up with winter theme, all cosy and creative.

  3. I wasn’t aware that I was on a journey apart from the journey of life which we all share. However, I do appreciate your taking the lead on this bush-walk by providing the means for the rest of us to submit our stuff and even lead us to believe it has some value. Good on you mate.

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