Minds Shine Bright visits Mudgee

Mudgee is a welcoming country town in Central West New South Wales with a strong sense of community.

In late autumn Minds Shine Bright headed out on the road, stopping in Sydney first to discover some bookshops and cafes where writers gather. Then it was up the misty Blue Mountains, through the Ten Tunnels to Lithgow and onto Mudgee, by coach, later that night.

Reading an anthology is a bit like unpacking a suitcase. There are different shapes, sizes and textures to discover in each piece of writing. Everyone has their favourite pieces that they will dig deep to find, read and cherish.

At Mudgee Library I met Sam, the librarian who expertly helped us to run the first ever Writing With Confidence Workshop in New South Wales and local writer and poet Peter Fitzgerald.

Peter read his poem Mudgee Railway Station which is published in CONFIDENCE Minds Shine Bright Anthology 2022. Hearing the pace and feeling the rhythm as Peter read brought the vibrant Mudgee Railway Station of times past and present to life.

The writers produced some beautiful interpretations of the confidence theme which they read back to the group. The smiles at the end of the session will stay with me for a long time.

Mudgee is a town full of history, life and art and I hope to visit again soon.

Visiting Mudgee made me realise how much anthologies are all about community too. When we come together to read and share we create a special kind of magic where creativity blooms.

I look forward to taking Minds Shine Bright on the road again soon but that will have to wait for now as judging of Confidence 2023 is in full swing and Storm Anthology, the first in our Seasons series is coming soon.