Minds Shine Bright anthologies are a collection of stories, poems and scripts but they are so much more. At Minds Shine Bright we are committed to spreading the love of anthologies. People love coming together to read and to share. So first we create and curate anthologies and then we bring people together to read and share them. Anthologies create communities.

Our anthologies are made from the winning and commended entries from the Minds Shine Bright writing competition. All entries are blind judged and assessed against ten criteria.

Two series

We have two anthology series Confidence and Seasons.


The Confidence anthology series explores perspectives, interpretations and nuances of the confidence theme. We will explore the confidence theme over time, with competitions held once every couple of years.

To learn more about our Confidence series visit our Confidence series page


The Seasons anthology series explores themes relating to the external world. Not every writer is inspired to write on the confidence theme, so we thought it would be good to tap into the external environment for our Seasons series.

To lean more about our Seasons series, Storm and Light and Shadow visit our Seasons series page