Writers shine bright

As I travelled north authors copies of Storm were making their way to writers all over Australia and across oceans to writers in Ireland, Scotland and Canada and gifts of recognition were on their way to Finland, the Philippines and India.  The evening sky in Brisbane has a luminous glow as the city comes toContinue reading “Writers shine bright”

Bringing Storm to Life

An anthology is a beautiful object worth celebrating and sharing. Storm Minds Shine Bright Seasons 1 2023 features the work of 27 writers and poets and now as the printed authors copies make their way to mail boxes near and far I can share some of my experiences on the first leg of the Storm Anthology LaunchContinue reading “Bringing Storm to Life”

Minds Shine Bright visits Mudgee

Mudgee is a welcoming country town in Central West New South Wales with a strong sense of community. In late autumn Minds Shine Bright headed out on the road, stopping in Sydney first to discover some bookshops and cafes where writers gather. Then it was up the misty Blue Mountains, through the Ten Tunnels toContinue reading “Minds Shine Bright visits Mudgee”