Confidence series

Confidence, Minds Shine Bright’s anthology featuring winning and commended entries from the Minds Shine Bright writing competition Confidence

The aim of the CONFIDENCE series is to capture a study of the confidence theme in poetry, stories, flash fiction and scripts over time. Too often studies of confidence are undertaken to understand the economy or to better understand people’s shopping and buying habits. By studying confidence longitudinally in fiction we hope to learn about how writers and poets feel about and respond to the changing world and times, and how the writing on confidence shifts and changes. In each anthology we write a thematic analysis about the key strands and elements of the confidence, new approaches to the theme and emerging trends.

CONFIDENCE Minds Shine Bright Anthology 2022

CONFIDENCE features the winners and commended writers of the first Minds Shine Bright fiction writing competition Confidence 2022. After a couple of topsy turvy years forty-six writers from eight countries explore the theme of confidence through stories, script and poems.

Each piece stands alone yet together they weave a narrative: starting with the elements, following the life cycle and ending with redemption and hope. CONFIDENCE will make you laugh and make you cry.

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Buying a copy of CONFIDENCE will help Minds Shine Bright to support and pay new and established writers and poets and helps us to build up our prize pool. You can start collecting the series or give CONFIDENCE as an inspirational gift.

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Book Reviews

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