Storm Competition Results


First Prize – $500

Chelinay Gates(aka Malardy Malardy), Storm Clouds Approaching, (Perth, Western Australia), flash fiction

Second Prize – $400

Cassie Boulis, untitled, (Atlanta, Georgia, United States), flash fiction

Third Prize – $300

Troy Walsh, In the Embrace of Trees, (Central West, New South Wales), short story

Fourth Prize – $200

Sarah Rasmussen, House of Feathers, (Korumburra, Victoria), short story

Top Ten Showcase

In addition to the four winning entries another six entries made up a top ten showcase. All showcase entries are commended and will be awarded $100. each writer also receives a printed and an electronic copy of Storm Minds Shine Bright Seasons 1, 2023

Steve Evans, Storm, (Adelaide, South Australia) poem

Jennifer Harrison, Shelter, (Melbourne,Victoria) poem

Gayle Beveridge, The Lightning Traveller, (Bass Coast, Victoria), short story

Patricia Fitzgerald, Storm in a Teacup, (Brisbane, Queensland), flash fiction

Riya Patel, A Storm that Brough in a Taxi Cab, (New Jersey, United States), flash fiction

Jacqueline Winn, When God Goes Mad, (Possum Brush, New South Wales), flash fiction

The Shortlist

All entries on the Shortlist are commended, each writer will receive $100 and their entry will be published in Storm Minds Shine Bright Seasons 1, 2023.

Beverley Lello, Ketchum Bay, (Yackandandah, Victoria), poetry

Shale Preston, Storm over Primrose Park, (Sydney, New South Wales), poetry

Colleen Burke, On Newtown Bridge, (Sydney, New South Wales), poetry

Jude Aquilina, Storm Over Lake Alexandrina, (Milang, South Australia), poetry

Peter Frankis, Westerlies, (Port Kembla, New South Wales), flash fiction

Steve Evans, Cockroach, Honey (Adelaide, South Australia), poetry

Suzy Mezei, In the Harsh of Winter, (Mount Eliza, Victoria), poetry

Leone Gabrielle, The Visit, (Seymour, Victoria), flash fiction

Perry Narborough, The Clouds Above Us, (Hornsby Heights, New, South Wales) short story

Jim Kent, ‘ . . .There’s a storm brewing . . .’, (Port Fairy, Victoria), short story

Nandi-Li O’Sullivan, Stormy Strangers, (Cork, Ireland), flash fiction

Jade Dickinson, Gindle’s Spirit, (Kingston, Tasmania), short story

Mieke Heycoop, Storm Flight, (New Brunswick, Canada), short story

Brooks Carver, Under a Wild, Full Moon, (Canton, Illinois, United States), flash fiction

Nicholas Jeffers, A Dreaming Dog #11 Staring At An Animal’s Eyes, (Baltimore, Maryland, United States)

CL Glanzing, The Backwards God, (Middlesex, Great Britain) short story

Meredith Downes Battery Life (Brisbane, Queensland) flash fiction

Conor Scanlan The observation of things past, (Melbourne, Victoria), short story

The Longlist

The following writers are included on the Longlist and will each receive an e-certificate of recognition for the high quality of their writing.

Konner Blunt, Tormentor in a Teacup, (Keiraville, New South Wales) flash fiction

Alicia Cameron, Mountain Calling, (Upper Orara, New South Wales) short story

Alex Mallawarachchi, The Rambling Man, (Claremont, Western Australia), short story

Kirily McKellor, The Lighthouse Keeper, (Bacchus Marsh, Victoria), flash fiction

Elizabeth Skipsey, The Storm in a Tea Cup, (Pyrmont, New South Wales), poetry

Judd Lear Silverman,(Brooklyn, New York) Death By Misadventure, script

Mauk Donnabhain, (London, Great Britain) The Dust Cloud, short story

Marilyn Parsons, The Cavern, (Fishing Point, New South Wales), short story

Kellie M. Cox, Stranded, (Mudgeeraba, Queensland) short story

Rosemary Dickson, Forgetting, (Melbourne,Victoria) flash fiction

Maria Radanov, Evanescence, (Kyabram, Victoria), poetry

Liz Cattermole, The Dreamer is Awake (Nudnah, Queensland) short story

Kuhu Sharma, Beautiful Day, (Melbourne,Victoria) flash fiction

Jenny Blackford, Greener than any earth dug emeralds, (Wallsend, New South Wales), poetry

Samantha Valentine, Prevalley Beach, (Bracken Ridge, Queensland), short story

Suzanne Watson, Picnic at Teardrop Rock, (Avalon Beach, New South Wales), poem

Caitlin Mahony, Tree Legs,(Bacchus Marsh, Victoria), short story

Sarah Jane Rutherford, One Last Decision, (Adelaide, South Australia), flash fiction

Tracie Lark, Passing, (Whareora, New Zealand), poetry

Tanya Scott, The Ballad of Ezekiel Jones, (Torquay,Victoria), short story

David Micklem, The World on Fire, (London, Great Britain), short story

Brain Muirhead, Cyclone Dad, (Goldsborough, Queensland), short story

Simone Field, The Tempest, (Kewdale, Western Australia), flash fiction

Tessa O’Donnell, Gleam (Lyndon, Kentucky, United States), short story

Gloria Hefferman, Storm Cellar, (Syracuse, New York), poetry

Fiona Gubbins, Stormy with a Chance, (Leixlip, Kildare, Ireland), short story

Laura Schatzl, Gedankensturm, ( Bavaria, Germany), poetry

Ben Matthews, Balloons, (Bedford, Western Australia), flash fiction

Tanya Allen, Just Like Harry, (Adelaide, South Australia), short story

Pamela Baker, Head in the Clouds, (Queenscliff, Victoria), short story

Estevao Sousa, Bones, (Clinton, Maine, United States), short story

Certificates of Recognition and small gifts

Ten writers whose writing shone in some way were selected for Certificates of Recognition and small gifts.

Aireen Hitgano, Old Restaurant, (Davao, Philippines) short story

Victoria Carr, Storm in the Kitchen, (Greystanes, New South Wales) flash fiction

Shiyuan Wang, The Chase, (Helinski, Finland), short story

Keira Watts, Almost Shipwrecked,(Perth, Western Australia), flash fiction

Maitri Agnihotri, untitled,(Uttar Pradesh, India) flash fiction

Susan Bowen, The Fourth Man, (Medowie, New South Wales) short story

Mohaddesa Hatif, The Dark Blue I Once Loved, (Bass Hill, New South Wales), short story

Madeleine Blanch, Queen of Storms, (Darlinghurst, New South Wales),short story

Kiswah Kamran, I am curious about storms!!! (Docklands, Victoria) short story

Parthiv Pramod, The wild storm, (Greenvale, Victoria), short story

School Awards

Teachers from two schools co-ordinated entries from groups of students. Students from two schools, Victoria Point State School in Queensland and Elsternwick Primary School in Victoria will receive Certificates of Recognition in August.