Long List

For Special Mention

There were almost 500 entries in Minds Shine Bright’s writing competition Confidence 2022. All entries were blind judged and assessed against ten criteria. Congratulations to the selected writers and poets who together form the Minds Shine Bright Long List Confidence 2022 and who receive a Special Mention.

Short stories

The following short stories were selected for the Long List of the Minds Shine Bright writing competition Confidence 2022.

Estevao Sousa, First Day of School (Jefferson, Maine, United States)

Leigh Swinbourne, The Idol (Bellerive, Tasmania, Australia)

Binh Pham, A Twist of Fate, (Altona, Victoria, Aust)

Guadalupe Cameron, Walking on Thin Ice, (Columbus, Ohio, US)

Max Riddington, On Prescription, (Dorset, England, United Kingdom)

Tony Kirkwood, The Nine Lives of Billy Nightjar, (London, England, UK)

Dr Peter Court, Wombat song, (Adelaide, South Australia, Aust)

Ash Leonard, Drift, (Bannockburn, VIC, Aust)

John AD Fraser, Don’s fourth act, (Copacabana, New South Wales, Aust)

Simon Rowe, The Mataroa Hills, (Himegi, Hyogo, Japan)

Colleen Dumain, Mum’s Teapot, Berowa Heights NSW, Aust)

Anna Rodway, Squash, (Wagga Wagga, NSW, Aust)

Alex Dunn, The Wild Children, (Gold Coast, Queensland, Aust)

Patrick Arulanandam, The Things They Made, (Concorde West, NSW, Aust)

Daniel Lilford, Echo, (Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Margaret Betts, Off Road, (Malvern East, VIC, Aust)

Margaret Betts, Fair Price, (Malvern East, VIC, Aust)

Keelan Gallagher, A Different Sky Above My Head, (Dublin, Ireland)

Keelan Gallagher, All Souls Lost (Dublin, Leinster, Ireland)

Swarna Pinto, One-Way Ticket, (Lalor, VIC, Aust)

Joni Scott, Tu be or not Tu be, (Sunshine Coast, QLD, Aust)

Juliette Salom, My Father, an island, (Hawthorn, VIC, Aust)

Ireni Loucaides, Eucalyptus Haematoma, (Latsia, Nicosia, Cyprus)

Avishi Gurnani, Life Breathes Behind Masks, (Singapore)

Hannah Brown, Forecast, (Tokyo, Japan)

Harry Colfer, Number 07: Burns (Eaton’s Hill, QLD, Aust)

Peter Fitzgerald, Notes from a Tea Chest, (Mudgee, NSW, Aust)

Shaeden Berry, Finding Confidence, (Mount Lawley, Western Australia)

Praise Wong, Aspiration Manifestation,(Scoresby, VIC, Aust)

Leo Taylor, First Day of the Northern Spring, (St Kilda, VIC, Aust)

Maverick Wells, Red Panda, (Brisbane, QLD, Aust)

Tracey Martinovich, Best Friends Forever, (Northcote, VIC, Aust)


The following scripts were selected for the Long List of the Minds Shine Bright writing competition, Confidence 2022.

Lisa Callinan, Ghost Boss, (Dublin, Ireland)

Joy Hinckley, Legacy, (Coes Creek, QLD, Aust)

Freddie Fitpatrick – Lebowitz, The Angel with Blue Eyes, (Redfern, NSW, Aust)

Chris Trott The Motorcycle Shop on Main Street, (Conjuring Point, NSW, Aust)


The following poems were selected for the Long List of the Minds Shine Bright writing competition, Confidence 2022.

James Lawless The Power of Paint, (Leixlip County, Ireland)

Aylet Gura Dreams, (Ringwood North, VIC, Aust)

Dorinda MacDowell, Yielding, (Stockport, Cheshire, England, UK)

Bel Remen, Cracked Glass, (Randwick, NSW, Aust)

Christopher Ringrose, ‘Great God! This is an awful place’ (Newport, VIC, Aust)

Vito Milana, RILEY has a rather curious affinity for her keyboard and the Elizabethan tongue, (Strathmore, VIC, Aust)

Darcy Crothers Confidence, (Woodvale, WA, Aust)

Petra Bauman, Cheek to Cheek, (Maribou, Slovenia)

Warren Anderson, The Moment of Truth, (California, US)

Robyn Sykes, Glued to character, (Binnalong, NSW, Aust)

Amy Elise Cogbill, untitled, (South Carolina, US)

Jessica Turley, Monday morning, bus route 305, (The Gap, QLD, Aust)

Ally Simpson, Lake Jindabyne Eyes, (Beacon Hill, NSW)

Anita Jawary, The Quest, (North Caulfield, VIC, Aust)

Nimrod Silva Death at 25 (Greenvale, VIC, Aust)

Flash Fiction

The following flash fiction stories were selected for the Minds Shine Bright writing competition Confidence 2022.

Zeana Cole, In the absence of courage, (Cranbourne North, VIC, Aust)

Patrick Cox, A Professional Job, (Warimoo, NSW, Aust)

Jessica Carey, Shoes, (Thomastown, VIC, Aust)

Bob Topping, The Unornamental Bougainvillea, (Kooralbyn, QLD)

Max McCoubrey, Confidence, (Black Rock, Dublin, Ireland)

Kathryn Reese, The Poetry Reading, (Nairne, South Australia, Aust)

Ruth Foote, kNOTs, (North Rocks, Sydney, NSW, Aust)

Richenda Rudman, The Last Days of Purple Black, (Kensington, VIC, Aust)

Chiara Scafadi, Whitefly, (Coburg North, VIC, Aust)

Jessica De Bono, New Beginnings, (Oak Park, VIC, Aust)

Beverley Lello, Downhill, (Yackandandah, VIC, Aust)

Mischa Reid, My Peaceful Place, (Brisbane, QLD, Aust)

Ann Flegg, My Girl Rosy, (Glenhaven, NSW, Aust)