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Why fiction?

I started thinking about creating a writing competition a couple of years ago, before COVID-19 emerged because I wanted to be inspired by other writers. For the first few months of the new reality, once it hit, numbers and press updates filled my time and there was little room for creativity. Then as outbreaks stretched throughout 2021, it became a longer term adjustment.

My daily walks helped to calm and inspire me, the constantly changing light and the interplay of sea and sky opened up the universe again.

The media, scientists and politicians are keeping us up to date as things evolve on a daily basis. Evidence based data and analysis seem to provide more reasonable ways forward. Why at a time like this should fiction matter at all?

Perhaps it is because by writing and reading fiction we are making a conscious choice to suspend reality and to explore what is not real. The layers, meanings and nuances are drawn from the writers experience and ability to create something imaginary, that we can momentarily believe in, be moved by and learn something from.

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8 thoughts on “Musings and subscriptions

  1. I’m so excited to submit to a writing platform with the vision of Minds Shine Bright. Being able to challenge myself and try my first big step forward as a writer while this platform is starting it’s first competition is even more exciting!

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