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A moment of reflection

As the end of 2021 approaches and we start to think about what 2022 might bring our way, it feels like a good time to reflect on why writers might like to submit an entry to the Minds Shine Bright writing competition.

1. Writing creates an environment away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. During the holiday season it can be a bit like putting an umbrella up in the rain and enjoying the dry dome. Those few precious moments or hours of writing, allow focus on characters, environment, story creation and editing.

2. To practice your craft. Entering a writing competition sets up some criteria such as theme, category and word limits that you can build around. It’s a great way to practice your writing craft and any techniques you want to hone. 

3. Publication in an anthology. The first Minds Shine Bright anthology will feature winning and commended short stories, scripts, poems and flash fiction from across the globe.

4. Create compelling flash fiction. This is your opportunity to provide a unique and concise interpretation of the theme of confidence. Flash is a good entry choice if you are taking the first steps in building up your writing portfolio. 

5. Tell stories. If you are a natural storyteller, then the higher word limits in this category might suit you. Your story, if selected, will be one of a collection of pieces that interpret confidence through fiction. It will stand alone as yours but also be part of a bigger story.

6. Make a scene. If you love the big screen or the stage, scripts are the way to go. They have a well-earned place alongside stories and poems for readers to enjoy. Scripts give readers a different experience of visual cues, setting, action and dialogue.

7.  Write poems. If you are a poet you might like our longer line limit. This supports the entry of longer poems that are sometimes excluded from competitions. We accept shorter poems too.

8. The celebration of award-winning writing. We will be organizing some celebrations to award the prizes, announce the winners and to launch the inaugural Minds Shine Bright anthology. 

9. Being part of a writing community that connects globally. We can all learn from each other to build a richer understanding of what contemporary fiction writing is and can be.

10. Find your voice. Everything we write helps to shape us as writers and defines our unique voice.

11. Find out how you compare. Whether you win or not, it’s interesting to see what other writers are producing on the theme. What are the qualities in their work that resonate with you (or don’t) and what might you do differently next time

12. Expanding your audience. Entering the Minds Shine Bright writing competition will introduce your writing to a new audience.  In addition to publishing the Minds Shine Bright anthology we will also be publishing some pieces of winning or commended entries on our website. 

It’s exciting to see entries flowing in from so many different places. Which one of them will win the overall prize? Will it be a moving poem, a captivating story, a searing piece of flash or a shattering script? 

I hope this update has given you some inspiration because the winner might be you.

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