Behind the scenes

Lots of work goes into judging a writing competition and publishing and anthology. With only a month left to go, it's time to send your entries in.

The 28th February deadline for the Minds Shine Bright writing competition is fast approaching. A ding on my phone indicates a new entry has arrived. A pile of folders sits on the table behind the Monstera, filled with stories, flash fiction, poems and scripts. 

Each entry is labelled with its own code, with names removed to support blind judging.

Since September over 6000 visitors have viewed site more than 12000 times, and entries have been received from 12 countries. February should be busy.

Writers’ organisations have helped to connect us to writers by promoting the competition and including it in their calendars. Writing communities across social media platforms have helped to make connections too.

On the wall opposite my desk is a print-out of a draft cover design for the Minds Shine Bright anthology. A copy of the anthology will be sent to each winner, and it will also be available to purchase online.

There are 12 criteria for judging the entries and the process of rating each one will occur during March and April. Once the winners emerge the challenge will be to connect stories, poems and scripts in a way that flows and showcases the talent of our winning authors. 

 The announcement and celebration of the winning entries, the awarding of prizes and the launch of the Minds Shine Bright anthology is something to look forward to later in the year.  

As there is only a month to go it’s time to start writing. Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far, and we are looking forward to receiving more entries.

If you are crafting your writing or just getting started here are some links that might be useful.

If you want information on the competition theme, have a look at this post on Exploring confidence.

If you are looking for motivation look no further than 12 reasons why

Or if you want some tips on how to enter see Press Submit.

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The Minds Shine Bright competition will close at midnight on 28 February 2022.  Get your entries in here.

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