The Confidence Anthology Launch – Part 1

On Friday 28th October 2022 writers, actors and guests from all over Victoria came together at the Wheeler Centre to celebrate the launch of Confidence Minds Shine Bright Anthology 2022. Many people travelled from flood impacted areas along pot-holed roads damaged by the incessant rain.  

Despite shifting opening dates caused by publishing deadlines and COVID-19, despite the rain people came together to read, listen, discuss and celebrate. The first part of the night was readings and eleven writers and actors brought some of the winning and commended Confidence Anthology stories and poems to life.

Interpretations of the confidence theme

Amanda Scotney, Founder of Minds Shine Bright explained some of the interpretations of confidence that emerged across all 500 entries.

“Minds Shine Bright writers are a diverse group that range in age from children to octogenarians. Published entries came from a range of countries and we expect that the number of countries to grow over time.

A classic interpretation of the confidence theme across all entries was a person with an artistic talent who lacked self confidence. They were often anxious about performing or sharing their talent and sometimes faced harsh criticism. Somehow they were able to overcome their fears, find their sense of self and embrace their talent.

Some entries focused on the environment and its insurmountable challenges and the human spirit in the face of that. Many writers explored confidence through the lens of health and after a couple of year of COVID-19 waves there were many references to sore throats and breathing.

Humour and fairy tales were used to step out of day to day worlds.

Family violence was one of the most written about topics. Its impact on the lives of families and children, the erosion of self-esteem, and the struggle to break away and find a safe place were explored many times.

Explorations of death and dying, decisions and choices, loss of memory and loss of self were key threads.

Despite all the challenges hope rose from the deepest places and darkest spaces. The hope that things will get better, that we will get through today and wake to tell another story tomorrow.”

Calling all writers, poets, songwriters, playwrights and screenwriters Minds Shine Bright writing competition CONFIDENCE 2023 is now open for entries and we look forward to your exploration of many new layers of the confidence theme. You can enter on our home page here .

Each reading was unique and the diversity of perspectives contributed to a magical hour of story telling and poetry, bringing CONFIDENCE Minds Shine Bright Anthology 2022 to life.

Then it was time for a short break, and we were looked after very well by the front of house staff, from the Wheeler Centre and the team from The Moat who provided beautiful canapés with care.

The Confidence Minds Shine Bright Anthology 2022 Launch was such a wonderful experience and we will be sharing Part Two with you soon. It is all about finding confidence in the arts sector and in yourself as an artist, a writer, a creator and an explorer.

If you are interested in stories, script and poetry on the theme of confidence you can support Minds Shine Bright by buying CONFIDENCE Minds Shine Bright Anthology 2022 here or at bookstores that support independent publishers. Readings, Hares and Hyenas, the Little Paperback Bookstore, Fullers, Booktopia and many more.

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