Finding confidence in the arts in 2022

(Confidence Launch Part 2)

After the readings from writers and actors and a short break we gathered once more to hear our special guests poet Gayelene Carbis, actor and screenwriter Naomi Lisner, emerging writer Monique Nair and poet and psychiatrist Jennifer Harrison discuss finding confidence in the arts.

The panel considered the impact that COVID-19 had on panel members creativity and their work. While some members found it a time of profound creativity others struggled with the lack of connection and work.

We next discussed the technology shifts towards video meetings and hybrid events. While the consensus was in favour of live events, the ability to connect more easily with colleagues overseas and build a strong sense of community was valued highly. Looking forward panel members agreed that increased funding was critical to support increased diversity, engagement of vulnerable people, social connectedness and a vibrant arts sector.

The second part of the conversation was about finding confidence as an artist. Panel members shared their thought on finding self confidence, confidence and ageing, over confidence and building self confidence as a writer.

We hope to share a video recording of parts of the evening soon.

Above: panel chair Amanda Scotney in conversation with Jennifer Harrison, Naomi Lisner, Gayelene Carbis and Monique Nair. Below: an engaged audience, Confidence Minds Shine Bright Anthology 2022 on display and celebrating the launch. Photos by Zev Howley.

Closing words

Thanks to all who attended and celebrated the launch of CONFIDENCE Minds Shine Bright Anthology 2022, listened to the readers and the discussion “Finding Confidence in the arts in 2022”. We look forward to examining the theme of confidence from different perspectives and voices in 2023 and beyond. 

Thanks to all 46 writers, our book designer Caren and editor Kim.  Thanks to our special guests the panel members and actors who have provided a broader arts perspective. Thanks to my family and friends who have supported me on this journey particularly my partner Tony and my daughter Olivia who attended and to my mum and family in Tasmania. Thank you to everyone who travelled from regional Victoria in the rain to be there on the night.

Thanks to the Wheeler Centre Reception, Technical Team and Front of House for your support and thanks to Rosie and the team at the Moat for the splendid catering.

Thanks to each bookstore and library that stock us and support independent publishers and to all the writers groups and organisation that help to connect us  with writers and new readers.

Thanks to everyone who follows the Minds Shine Bright updates and we hope you have enjoyed sharing in the celebrations too.

A Night of Celebration

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  1. Wonderful to revisit the evening via this wrap-up! What a brilliant panel and a really lovely evening all round. Thanks, Amanda, for organising and ensuring we had such a great night :))

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