Minds Shine Bright tour to launch Storm anthology across Australia

Storm anthology is the collected stories and poems about storms by twenty seven writers and poets; the winning and commended writers in the Minds Shine Bright Seasons writing competition.

Minds Shine Bright heads to Perth in late August,  Adelaide in September, and Queensland in October to launch Storm, the first anthology in the new Seasons series. More events are being planned including online celebrations with international writers.  

Storms with their destructive power and timeless beauty remind us of the fragility of our existence and what it is to be human. Storms touch something elemental in us and provide a powerful metaphor for internal conflict too.  This collection of stories and poems featuring the twenty seven winning and commended entries from the Minds Shine Bright Writing Competition Storm will inspire, entertain, and make you think.

Embark on a journey of stunning visual imagery where you will encounter stormy places, people and animals, different worlds, and possible futures. STORM, Minds Shine Bright Seasons 1, 2023 is the first anthology in our Seasons series is now available in print. (ISBN: 978-0-6455231-2-6, Distributor Ingram).You can purchase a copy from our online bookshop here.  

If you are in Western Australia, South Australia or Queensland you can register for tickets to Storm launches featuring local writers and poets at the links below. Each Storm Launch is free to attend and registration is needed as numbers are limited. Copies of STORM anthology can be purchased at the time of registration or at your local launch.

 Perth Storm Anthology Launch Registration

Join Dr Chelinay Gates, writer, artist and the winner of the Minds Shine Bright writing competition Storm, Amanda Scotney, writer and Founder of Minds Shine Bright and special guests at the Blue Room Bar in Perth, Western Australia on Thursday 31st August. 4:00pm – 6:00pm

 Adelaide Storm Anthology Launch Registration

Join Storm anthology poets Steve Evans, Jude Aquilina and Minds Shine Bright Confidence anthology writers Lesley Day and Aoife McFadden at The Astral Sunday 3rd September 6:00pm – 8:30pm

 Brisbane Storm Anthology Launch Registration

Join Storm writers Patricia Fitzgerald and Meredith Downes at the Brisbane Square Library Community Meeting Room  on Tuesday 17th October from 11:45am -2:00pm 

MSB Writing Competitions Update

We are deep in the judging of CONFIDENCE 2023 writing competition and a further update will be provided once the longlist and shortlists have been finalised, most likely in late September. 

Light and Shadow will be the second anthology in the Minds Shine Bright Seasons series, and we are pleased to announce that the Minds Shine Bright Writing Competition Light and Shadow is now open for entries, and you can enter here. Light and Shadow will run until 31 March 2024. We are looking forward to a year filled with anthology readings and discovering exciting new writing. Thank you for being part of our community, embracing the anthology form and supporting writers and poets. 

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